Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic's Fall 2013 Colour Collection, 'moderncraft' culled inspiration primarily from Cabarets and Art Scene born out of 1920s Weimar, Berlin. Rather than revisit makeup trends of the past, 'moderncraft' is an invitation to reinterpret and revitalize this iconic look through a veritable artists' paintbox of Lip Tar, in a variety of textures and colours. The 'moderncraft' Collection marks the first time OCC has launched new shades in all three texture categories: Matte, Metallic and Stained Gloss. Whether you're moved by the transparent neutrality of 'Mein Herr' Lip Tar: Stained Gloss or driven by the seductively dark and industrial 'Black Metal Dahlia' Lip Tar: Metallic, a world of makeup expressionism is yours for Fall 2013, to enjoy uninhibited. Come hear the music play!