Working With OCC LIP TAR

What is OCC Lip Tar™? What makes it different?

OCC Lip Tar™ truly is a liquid lipstick! Lip Tar™ goes on with the smoothness and ease of a lipgloss but wears like a comfortable satin finish lipstick. Lip Tar™ is also far and away the most highly-pigmented, longest lasting lip product on the market, and unlike other long-wear lip product, it never feels dry or uncomfortable, due to its substantial botanical emollient content.

What is the best way to apply Lip Tar™

We recommend applying a tiny bead of Lip Tar™ with our #010 Precision Lip Brush to well-moisturized lip, starting in the center of the mouth and blending outward toward the lip line. Though certainly not required, our Cosmetic Colour Pencils will definitely enhance the look of any Lip Tar™ and give a more intense finish.

Over time, you may notice that Lip Tar™ appears to separate in the tube or drop out of suspension. Fear not: this is completely normal and due only to the unprecedented amount of pigment we use in our product. It is not an indicator that the product has spoiled or expired. To get the pigment back into suspension, simply alternate the way the Lip Tar™ tube is stored it (i.e. cap side up, versus cap side down, on its front or on its back). You will find that the Lip Tar goes quickly back into suspension. Preventing this from happening on our end would mean reducing the pigment load itself, which is a change we're sure our customers wouldn't want to see happen!

Here is a video demonstrating how to apply OCC Lip Tar™.

Lip Tar appears to feather or bleed on my lips. What am I doing wrong?

You've simply applied too much product. Using the amount of Lip Tar™ you would to apply a traditional lip gloss would yield enough product to paint your entire face - no joke! The tiniest little bead, barely a quarter of a squeeze out of the tube, is enough to impart full, opaque coverage on the lips. Remember, the designed intent of Lip Tar is to create a creamy, semi-matte finish. If you wish to achieve a more glossy look, top it with our Stained Gloss™, or your other favorite oil-based gloss. Glosses that contain silicone do not play well with Lip Tar.

How do I clean this stuff off of my lip brush? off my clothes? off myself?

Lip Tar™ should be wiped off of cosmetic brushes as soon as possible after an application, and then washed throughly with brush cleaner or shampoo. Lighter-coloured brushes will more likely than not be stained by Lip Tar™, however the brushes will remain sanitary for use, as the remainder seen is more likely to be a stain or dye than residue if properly and throughly washed. Lip Tar™ is easily removed easily from skin using most makeup remover wipes and towelettes or with oil-based cleansers such as traditional cold creams. Time is of the essence with clothing! Try to remove as much as of the product with clean, dry cloth or paper towel, then pretreat with laundry detergent or stain remover, and wash ASAP! If the stain doesn't remove entirely, pre-treat again, and then re-wash the garment as necessary.

Can Lip Tar be used anywhere else on the face or body other than the lips?

Because of its heavy pigmentation and ease of application, Lip Tar™ makes an effective face and body paint, as well as an excellent crème blush if applied sheerly over well moisturized skin. Because of its peppermint oil content however, OCC does not recommend applying Lip Tar™ on the eyes or anywhere in the immediate eye area.